Christina Salinas

Trusted Advisor

About Christina

Christina Salinas is 33 years old she is the oldest sibling of 2 brothers. She was born in Jersey City, NJ her parents are from a little country in Central America called El Salvador.  She loves her hometown would not change being born and raised in this Beautiful state of New Jersey.  She can watch the sun rise on the east coast and watch it set on the west. Christina is a hard working mother of a handsome 8 year old boy. She is family oriented and loves traveling and seeing and meeting different people. She has 2 jobs works at an awesome law firm called Callagy Law and has a part time job as a waitress. Christina has a growth mindset she is always willing to better herself in so many ways mentally, emotionally, and in her employment.

Christina’s Life at Callagy

I started Callagy Law on September10, 2012 as an administrative assistant making phone calls to Insurance companies after that I started Efiling claims to the court system and that gave me the opportunity to become a Leader of the E-filing team. Present day I am part of the Liaison team, I am a Junior Client Liaison my position consist in assisting the Senior Liaison in any aspect. I am also the bridge in between our clients (providers) and our firm in regards to their files anything our clients might need I will be there to assist. We are treasure hunters I help engage in emotional rapport to achieve our outcomes. What I love about Callagy Law in these 6 years that I have been here is that we are not any ordinary law firm we are family.  We care about each other and we are always willing to help. Callagy Law also gave me the opportunity to grow and be myself.   What makes Callagy different from other firms is that we go beyond to help our clients in any way.  Callagy law fundamentally changes the way people feel about lawyers, one client at a time.  We are committed helping our clients make their life better and easier.  Callagy is passionate in all they do we produce a positive mindset and appreciate all the wins we give a positive message and also show gratitude.


  • Memorial High School:1998- 2002
  • Bergen Community College: 2003-2006
  • Medical Assistant Certificate

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Loves Dancing
  • Likes art
  • Loves tasting variety of foods