Opening Your Own Bank Account During Divorce

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Can I open my own bank account if I file for divorce?


Opening Your Own Bank Account During Divorce A client called the other day and asked if she could open up her own bank account. We had just begun the divorce process. The simple answer to that question is yes. Parties may open up their own bank accounts during a divorce. However, it is very advisable to keep the financial status quo during a divorce, especially until an arrangement can be made, both on a temporary or pendente lite basis and obviously a permanent basis. It is absolutely okay for someone to open up their own bank account, but they shouldn’t do so to the financial detriment of the other spouse because if someone opens up a bank account, puts all of their money in that bank account, and doesn’t contribute as they previously contributed to marital expenses, it will probably mean that the other spouse comes in and files a motion to maintain or at least resume the financial status quo. Yes, it is fine to open up your bank account. It is okay as long as you keep the marital financial status quo. Knowing that all of your bank accounts, the statements, and any transactions are going to be subject to discovery so it’s not like you should be doing so in order to hide any assets or thinking that you may do so in an attempt to keep those assets and prevent your spouse from getting his or her fair share of those assets. If you have any questions regarding any financial matters in the divorce, bank accounts, equitable distributions, please email or call us and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

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