Needing a Divorce Mediation Attorney

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Do I need an attorney if I’m going to go through a divorce mediation?


Needing a Divorce Mediation Attorney A lot of times, we’ll have a client who is contemplating going to mediation in their divorce case, and they’ll ask, “Do I really need you?” The answer is, well, no, you don’t really need us; however, unless you know the very specifics of the case law and how that case law is going to apply to your circumstances, then you are going to need the advice of an attorney. You never need an attorney to even go through the divorce process. You can represent yourself, but doing so, if you don’t have that knowledge of the law and of the circumstances and how it’s going to be applied to your case, you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage.

You can go to mediation by yourself, but you would be putting yourself in a very disadvantageous position if you don’t at least have an attorney consulting with you, telling you what the law is, telling you what you should be looking for, and telling you what you should be asking for in that mediation process. If you have questions like this or any questions regarding matrimonial or family law, please call our offices. We’d be happy to help you.

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