Losing Your Vacation Home After Divorce

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Will I lose my vacation home if I get divorced?


Losing Your Vacation Home After Divorce A client the other day asked if he was going to lose either or both of his vacation homes. In a divorce, a home— whether it’s the marital home, a vacation home, even a commercial property, a rental property— is an asset subject to equitable distribution. Those assets need to be valuated and distributed. In the case of vacation homes, it’s just treated like any other asset, like a bank account, like an investment account, like a marital home. It needs to be appraised, most likely, or at least agreed upon the value, and then distributed. The home, like any other home, could be sold or either party can keep the home with an onset to the other. If you have any questions regarding any type of equitable distribution assets, vacation homes, marital homes, bank accounts, anything like that, and their equitable distribution, then please call us.

In every case, whether or not a client will lose a home depends on the equitable distribution of all of the assets. A vacation home is treated just like a marital home, an investment account, or a bank account, and it is subject to equitable distribution. On the case of vacation homes, therefore, the homes have to be appraised, or at least the value should be agreed upon, and then all assets, including those homes, need to be equitably distributed. In many cases, one party may keep the home and offset against the marital home or another asset, and in some cases, the vacation home may be sold with the proceeds divided. If you have any questions at all regarding equitable distribution issues, vacation homes, marital homes, please give us a call or email us at your convenience and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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