Insurance Denies Surgery Coverage

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I thought my surgery would be covered by insurance, but it was denied; What do I do now?


Insurance Denies Surgery Coverage You just received in the mail an appeal denial or insurance claim denial from your insurance company for a surgery that you just got done and they’re denying half of the claim or the entire claim. Now what do you do? Are you responsible for the entire $50,000 surgery? Are you responsible for half of it? I thought this was going to be covered. Now what do you do? This is a very typical and normal scenario that I’ve seen 100, possibly 1,000 times over.

One of the most common things when dealing with an insurance company is you’re going in for some medical procedure, let’s say it’s a surgery to the arm or a surgery to the leg. You think it’s going to be covered. You check with your insurance company and they say it’s going to be covered on your policy, but yet, when your doctor or medical provider goes to submit it to your insurance company, your insurance company says the claim is denied or only covering half and you receive a letter in the mail saying, you know what? You’re now responsible for these unpaid charges. It could be $25,000, $50,000. Again, I see this on a weekly basis.

What do you do? Number one is you should probably contact an attorney because when dealing with a large, multinational, billion-dollar insurance company, it’s very, very hard to get that insurance company to listen without an attorney. Once you contact an attorney, one of the best things to do is appeal the claim denial. Appeal the claim denial. What does that mean? It’s essentially a formal process where you’re saying, “Insurance company, I have received a letter where you’re saying I’m not covered for my shoulder surgery and that I owe this money. I disagree with you. I disagree with you, insurance company, and I think you’re wrong under the terms of my policy and my insurance coverage.”

Then what you want to do next is look at the reasons that the insurance company has denied the coverage. Let’s say, for example, they’re saying the surgery that you got was unnecessary. You didn’t need to get it. Your shoulder wasn’t in that much pain. You want to document why you think the insurance company is wrong. You’re going to want to show, you know what? I went to physical therapy for three months before I even thought about getting the surgery. Maybe you want to write an affidavit saying I can’t even go to the grocery store anymore and reach for the paper towels from the top shelf because it’s killing my arm. Maybe let’s say you have a job where it requires some physical labor, let’s say you wrote to your human resources and say can I have an accommodation because I can’t even use my shoulder anymore. You want to document all of this, compile it, give it to your attorney, and then your attorney is going to review all of this information, put it into an insurance claim appeal, and send it off to the insurance company. The insurance company will often review this. Then if you’ve shown that the shoulder surgery was necessary, they will reverse their decision and then they will usually pay the medical provider for those services.

This is what you do when you have an insurance claim denial. If you have any questions about this, insurance claim denials, appeals, do I have a leg to stand on when challenging or battling with my insurance company, feel free to call us at Callagy Law.

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