Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

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What kind of injuries and illness are covered by workers’ compensation?


Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation What are the injuries that are covered under workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey? Is it just applied to an unfortunate loss of limb, or does it apply to sickness? What exactly is covered? There is no straight answer to this, but to give some sort of a parameter, the injury has to be in the scope of your employment and arising from your employment, and that can get a little bit complicated. It’s best to speak to a lawyer. If you were injured on the job and it was part of your work that led to the injury, chances are that that injury is going to be covered. The best thing to do is to speak to an attorney to provide you guidance based on your specific case. If we can be of any help, feel free to reach us at Callagy Law.

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