Getting The Other Side to Pay Your Attorneys Fees

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Can you get the other side to sue for expenses of commercial litigation?


Getting The Other Side to Pay Your Attorneys Fees You’re involved in a lawsuit or you’re suing someone and you’re like, “Not only am I right, but this guy’s going to pay my attorneys’ fees and costs on top of it!” Well, let’s go slow. In almost every commercial dispute we’re involved in, the owner, founder, defendant, whatever plaintiff in the case is always thinking they’re going to get their attorneys’ fees paid. Unfortunately, here in the United States we operate under something called the American Rule.

The American Rule says each side bears their own costs unless a contract, statute, or other law allows for something referred to as fee shifting. For example, your civil rights type of lawsuits, your law against discrimination, those are historically cases that involve fee shifting. Certain employment dispute cases involve fee shifting. In your contracts, you may have a loser pays attorney fees provision, which, by the way, in your contract, you want to make sure that that provision is in there because it keeps everyone nice and reasonable instead of using superior resources to win inside of lawsuits. Unless there’s a contract, unless there’s a statute, or unless there’s another type of law that allows for fee shifting, you are not going to get your attorneys’ fees covered by the other side with one caveat. If the litigation is brought frivolously, which means that it lacks all merit, a judge may award your attorneys’ fees and costs.

What is a frivolous lawsuit? A frivolous lawsuit is one that has absolutely no merit – not that you should win, not that they’re lying, not that more facts favor one side or the other. Even when the case has no merit, there are procedural requirements that you have to follow, including sending a notice letter saying, hey, this litigation is frivolous for the following reasons, etc. Even then a judge has to approve it. Judges are very reluctant to award attorneys’ fees and costs because they do not want to chill meritorious litigation, even if it’s weak.

Please do not come into litigation assuming you’re going to get your attorneys’ fees covered. You should exhaust all possible efforts before you get an attorney to file litigation. An attorney can be part of your dispute resolution process pre-litigation, so don’t think that all litigators are good at is filing complaints and arguing cases. We are darn good at dispute resolution pre-litigation and even post-litigation. If you’ve got a judgment entered against you, some bad stuff has happened, we can still work hard and get you resolutions even after the trial is over.

You should be consulting with an attorney, but you should be trying to exhaust all of the available remedies to you before a lawsuit is filed because, chances are, you may not get your attorneys’ fees covered. Please don’t make those assumptions unless there’s a nice fee shifting provisioning. For God’s sake, if you’re entering into a contract, make sure you have an attorneys’ fee provision in there because courts will award attorneys’ fees and costs when you have a contractual provision, because parties are allowed to contract for that, and they can contract away from the American Rule. Otherwise, you may be out of luck.

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