Getting An Uncontested Divorce

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How do I go about getting an uncontested divorce?


Getting An Uncontested Divorce Recently someone contacted us and asked how to go about getting an uncontested divorce. Basically, an uncontested divorce is a way of getting divorced without having to really do too much involving the court. It is a matter of coming to an agreement with your spouse that addresses every aspect of your divorce – custody, parenting time, support, and division of your assets. Once you have the agreement, it’s just a matter of filing some paperwork, asking the court for a date, and then the divorce is finalized.

What’s great about an uncontested divorce is that it is usually the least costly option and typically is a more amicable way and less complicated way of resolving the issues in your divorce. If you have any further questions and you want to talk to somebody, please do give our office a call.

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