Former Spouse is Behind On Alimony Payments

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What should I do if my former spouse is behind on their alimony payments?


Former Spouse is Behind On Alimony PaymentsA number of cases come to us where the potential client has an issue of alimony payments not being made. Their former spouse is way behind on their alimony and owes thousands and thousands of dollars in alimony, and they’re not getting any payments. What can they do? To put it simply, there are enforcement mechanisms in place. We would immediately go to court, let the judge know alimony is behind, he or she is not paying alimony, and we need to enforce that obligation. The party that is supposed to be paying alimony has an obligation to pay that, so the courts will look to enforce that.

There are a number of enforcement mechanisms, including garnishing wages. If they’re behind enough on the support payments, it can include suspension of their driver’s license or passports, executing on bank accounts, or forcing the sale of property to pay alimony. The courts take alimony and child support very seriously. Getting behind on either one of those support obligations, they take very seriously.

The first step is filing an application to enforce, and then looking for enforcement mechanisms to coerce the payments. It’s never punishment. We’re not punishing a party for not paying the support; we’re making coercive measures to force them to pay the obligations that they either were ordered to or agreed to pay.

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