Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce

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I think my spouse is hiding assets, how do we find them?


Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce Typically, when we have a client come to the office, one of the questions that comes up very often is, “I think my spouse is hiding assets or income. How do I go about finding out if that’s true or not?” A lot of it does depend on what exactly we’re talking about, if it’s just money or if it’s property or something like that. We do have systems in place to trace and find assets that might be buried or hidden in other accounts, off-shore accounts, in property in different states, and a lot of that may involve other experts as well, tracing experts or forensic accountants. Usually there’s a paper trail for everything, in an account or in an account a number that we find on a statement.

There are protocols and there are methods, certainly, for us to find hidden assets. It’s difficult to hide assets in today’s day and age because there’s so much digital space available and so many things that we can use to locate it. While it’s not a straightforward or simple answer, we certainly have protocols for finding hidden assets in any case.

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