Finding Hidden Assets in a Business Account

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How do we find hidden money in a spouse’s business account?


Finding Hidden Assets in a Business Account A lot of times, we have clients where their spouse, their husband or their wife, has a business they own and operate to the exclusion of the other spouse. The non-business owner spouse comes to us and says, “I believe my spouse is hiding assets within the business. How do we find that out?” That comes up a lot, especially in small businesses and solo practitioners or solo owners of businesses, and generally we do have to hire a forensic accountant to help us analyze the business accounts to see all the statements, to see all the profit loss statement. Forensic accountants are highly qualified and do that, obviously, for a living and know how and what to look for, for hidden assets in business accounts.

The forensic accountant works closely with myself or my associates, or my partner Chris Cavalli, to learn how the business operates, where the money comes from, where the money goes and what accounts it’s being transferred to. If there are any hidden assets, we’ll be able to find that with the use of our forensic accountant. If you have any questions like this or any other questions regarding family or matrimonial law, please call our offices. We’d be happy to help you.

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