Differences Between Divorce Mediation and Court

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What are the differences between divorce mediation and going to court?


Differences Between Divorce Mediation and Court Recently, somebody was asking us about what the differences are between going to mediation or resolving issues in court. There are a number of distinctions between those two options. When you go to a mediator, you typically go either on your own or with counsel, and the other party will go either on their own or with counsel. The person who’s helping you come to a compromise on your issues is the mediator, who is a neutral third-party. It’s done in usually a private office, and often the mediator will be a lawyer who will help you and your spouse or the other party work through your issues and come to a compromise.

If you are going to litigate and try to resolve the issues through court, the person who’s going to be making your decisions is a judge. You’re going to be ordered to do certain things, and you have to comply with those orders to allow the judge to be able to make a decision. Often, that will take a long time and can be costly because, if you aren’t able to settle and you want the judge to make the decision at the end of the day, you’re going to need a trial. Again, it’s not a matter of a compromise between you and the other party, but it’s going to be you putting the decision in the hands of this judge to make the decision.

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