Considering Divorce Mediation

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When is divorce mediation a good option?


Considering Divorce Mediation It’s often asked, “When would be a good time to consider mediating a divorce?” What’s important to know about mediating in a divorce context is that you can pretty much always attempt mediation if you’re having issues in your divorce. Even if you’re not married but have issues with other aspects – if you have a child in common or support issues – mediation is always an option of trying to get to a compromise or settlement. Anybody who is having these issues is a good candidate for trying to mediate, but both parties have to come to the table ready to make some compromises and to really put the work in to try to get those compromises agreed upon.

Another thing just to note about mediation is that even if you decide you don’t want to attempt it off the bat, the court is going to require mediation at some point if you are going through a divorce. It’s something that will be asked of you even if it’s something you’re opposed to from the get go. Often, mediation can be very helpful and it’s not something to necessarily shy away from.

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