Child Custody Battles Between Unmarried Parents

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I’m a single unmarried mother; does the father have legal rights to custody?


Child Custody Battles Between Unmarried ParentsRecently, we had a call with a client who told us that she had never married the father of her child. He has not really had much time with the child, doesn’t currently spend much time with the child, and the child is living with our client. She wanted to know what his legal rights were in terms of custody. The courts typically look at a biological parent as having, certainly, rights to having access to the child. It may not mean that the child is going to be living with that parent one hundred percent of the time – and certainly in her circumstance, it sounds like that would be rather unlikely – but he would still have, certainly, some legal rights.

The courts look at two different types of custody. There’s legal custody, which is decision making, and then there’s residential custody, which is where the child is living, subject to a visitation or parenting time schedule with the non-custodial parent. Dad may have some decision making rights on behalf of the child, and dad will most likely have rights to have some visits with the child. It would be very unlikely that the dad would not be able to see the child at all.

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