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Callagy Law Library TV – Episode #15, #‎AskSeanCallagy‬

Exponential Growth and the Trajectory of Your Success Callagy Law Library – TV is an original series from Sean Callagy, President and Founder of Callagy Law; to help the general public with every day legal questions and information. For more information about Sean Callagy, Callagy Law, or any questions you have, please email If you’d like […]Read More

Posted on 11-12-2015


NEW! FREE! PLEASE SHARE! Why Not Double Your Income Part II – How?!

Today’s Why Not Huddle with Sean Callagy Why Not with Sean Callagy Episode 14 – November 11, 2015 Dear Kindred Spirits: Good morning!!!!! If you haven’t checked out our Why Not Talk Episode 2 with Rey Rostami, you will be missing a how to quadruple your sales appointments, along with a story to give you […]Read More

Posted on 11-11-2015


NEW! Free! Why Not #13 – Why Not Double Your Income? – November 10, 2015

Today’s Why Not Huddle with Sean Callagy Dear Kindred Spirits:   Before we get to this question, please check out our Why Not Talk with sales award winner Rey Rostami who’s used my Success Formula to triple meeting numbers for his team. There’s a challenge though… We are going to help Rey out! Join us […]Read More

Posted on 11-10-2015


Why Not #13 Why Not Indulge in this “Guilty Pleasure”- November 9, 2015

Today’s Why Not Huddle with Sean Callagy The world is a crazy place! I find myself thinking and saying that almost every day. For those that believe in quantum physics or even the simple concept of “you get what you focus on” due to simple issues of self-fulfilling prophecies as a result of self-directed thoughts, […]Read More

Posted on 11-09-2015


Why Not #9 – Why Not Master One Success System with Sean Callagy | November 3, 2015

Don’t Miss the Web’s Best Free Advice on Success   Do you want more? It is a simple question. Do you want more? “More what?” you ask. More time, more money or more fulfillment (which means all good feelings like fun, adventure, passion, love, legacy, etc…) The answer for almost everyone I’ve ever met is […]Read More

Posted on 11-03-2015


Why Not #6 – Why Not Say Goodbye to Motivation? October 29, 2015

Why Not Say Goodbye To Motivation? And Hello To Something Infinitely More Powerful? I had a game changing meeting with a friend of mine, Rey Rostami, the New Jersey Training Coordinator for AFLAC, yesterday. Rey has a tremendous life story, rising above some very challenging childhood years on the inner city streets of Los Angeles, […]Read More

Posted on 10-29-2015


Why Not #5 – Learn The Secret of Small WHY NOT?! October 28, 2015

Good Morning to you and Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!! How did the Mets do in Game 1 of the World Series?!?!?!?! Did the Dark Knight Rise?! For some thoughts, watch today’s Why Not Video discussing the Mets AND our Challenge! For today, let’s focus on the “Secrets of Small”. The basic premise of Why Not, is to […]Read More

Posted on 10-28-2015


Callagy Law Success Story: Billionaire Mark Cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Advice?! There are no shortcuts. The investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks tells Business Insider the best advice he ever got was: “Do the work. Out-work. Out-think. Out-sell your expectations. There are no shortcuts.” The advice came from his father, who did upholstery on cars, when Cuban was in high school. “He was always […]Read More

Posted on 05-05-2015