Read Contracts Before There is a Problem | Callagy Law

Read Contracts Before There is a Problem | Callagy Law

Busy business owners and procurement officials frequently enter into many contracts with suppliers, customers, landlords, and many other individuals as well.  Most of these contracts will likely go off without a hitch.  But, some of the contracts may not work out and lead to disputes over payments, production, or services, that may even lead to litigation.  Contracts, as legally binding documents, are very important for businesses to execute wisely.


What Does the Contract Actually Say?


In negotiations between a buyer and seller, there are often various promises and assurances made on both sides.  However, the final contract may not necessarily contain those oral promises either by accident or on purpose to deceive the other party.  As such, it is critical that each party carefully read and understand what is being proposed in the contract itself and what recourse each party has to make the other party perform or to obtain damages from non-performance.


Contract Disputes Can Be Very Costly


Contract disputes can be huge headaches for businesses in the monetary cost, business productivity, and just as a general distraction for management and staff.  In New Jersey, a contract dispute over the type of document used in a contract bid (a letter versus a customary form) has resulted in protracted litigation that has gone all the way to the New Jersey Supreme Court.


Litigation can be quite costly and time-consuming (sometimes lasting several years) and may not even lead to satisfactory results.  A business may obtain monetary damages if another party fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, but it may not truly make the business whole if it suffered losses to its core business or even lost customers for good as a result of the contract’s breach.


Catching Issues Before There is A Dispute is Easier than Litigation


Even though it may take more time to carefully review an agreement and discussing the terms with the other party before signing it, doing so helps to ensure that both parties understand the contract and agree to what is in the contract, rather than some other notion of what the deal supposedly is going to do.


Also, negotiators should realize that contract language can vary from industry to industry and legal requirements or expectations can differ also depending on the nature of the agreement.  For example, a software license will probably look totally different than a consultant agreement, and the terms that are most important for each party in those different agreements will also be quite different.


Businesses should have standard procedures or checklists to facilitate contract review and approval to ensure that contracts are consistent across the organization to the extent possible.


Contact a Skilled Lawyer for Help


Treading into complex and dense contract language can be confusing for busy business owners.  The experienced and dedicated attorneys at Callagy Law are ready to help answer your questions about forming a business or ensuring that your existing business is in compliance with the law.  Contact Callagy Law today for legal guidance.


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