Robert Solomon, Esq.

Senior Litigation Attorney & Lead Driver of Commercial Insurance


About Robert

Robert is a Jersey-boy born and raised. While he absolutely love New Jersey and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon, he also really loves to travel. His favorite places he has traveled are France, Morocco, and Israel.  His exposure to different countries and cultures, cultivated a willingness to always try new and exciting things in life. Perhaps, this is a reason why in college he majored in documentary filmmaking and television production. While he would not trade his college experience and major for anything, he eventually knew that his future did not lie in the television production field but rather in Law.

Studying for law school, going to law school, becoming a lawyer, and practicing law, has been one of the most rewarding life experiences for Robert. He has always enjoyed being intellectually challenged and pursuing mental growth and development. What makes the practice of law great, is not only can he challenge himself and grow intellectually, but he can do that while advocating for victims, exacting justice, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Bar Admissions

  • New York State
  • Southern District of New York
  • Eastern District of New York
  • New Jersey State
  • New Jersey District Court


  • Montclair State University
    • Bachelor of Arts
  • Rutgers Law School, Newark
    • Juris Doctorate

Fun Facts

  • Has Traveled to Over 15 Countries
  • Big Game of Thrones Fan
  • Loves the New York Jets

My Life At Callagy

I got introduced to Callagy Law by two different people at nearly the same time, (a) a fellow student at Rutgers-Newark who is now my co-worker (Christopher Miller) and (b) my soon-to-be wife. They both worked at Callagy Law and often remarked what an amazing environment it was, what great co-workers they had, and how it truly was an amazing law firm. My soon-to-be-wife forwarded my resume for an open Law Clerk Position at Callagy Law and Christopher Miller recognized me and I was subsequently brought in for an interview.  I then met with the Partner, Michael Smikun, the current Partner of the Litigation Department, and after he further explained to me the true uniqueness of Callagy Law, I decided to come on board.

I work in two departments. I currently am a Senior Litigation Attorney in the Litigation Department. I mainly handle the Litigation Department’s complex commercial business disputes that often have issues involving fraud, illegal conveyances, and breaches of fiduciary duty. In short, I expose fraudsters and liars so that victims can get the justice they deserve.

I am also a Lead Driver in the Commercial Insurance Department. In this department, I make sure that the Commercial Insurance Attorneys and Support Staff (Outcome Drivers) know and understand what outcomes they need to achieve within ERISA pre-litigation and litigation, while also ensuring that our department as a whole meets their numerical outcomes of getting settlements to Callagy Law’s medical providers.

I can say this what absolute honesty and authenticity: Callagy Law is the best place I have ever worked for too many reasons to list. However, I will do my best to name a few. First, my co-workers at Callagy Law are like a family and the care we have for one another translates into amazing relationships with our clients. Our clients are not just voices at the end of the telephone, they are victims who have suffered some wrong done to them and Callagy Law makes sure that those victims have a hero and an advocate fighting for their rights. Callagy Law infuses that mentality to every employee at the firm and it makes for one amazing work environment. Second, Callagy Law has leadership that will take time out of their day to mentor you and make you a better lawyer and, more importantly, a better person. Three, Callagy Law stands up to bullies when those bullies have committed a wrong. In Wichansky vs. Zowine (our firms second top 100 National Jury Verdict in three years), Sean Callagy and the Arizona Trial Team (of which I was a part of) made sure that the Defendants in that case, who were undoubtedly bullies, met a group of individuals who would stand up for the bullied and make sure that the rule of law held the day.

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