Attending Workers’ Comp Hearings

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Should I attend my own workers compensation hearings?


Attending Workers’ Comp Hearings Should you attend your own hearings? In New Jersey, it’s a little bit of a different system. Workers’ compensation is an administrative court, and most of the conferences take place behind the bench. There are times, especially when the case is being resolved, that you absolutely need to be there – the client needs to be there, the injured worker needs to be there – especially if they’re testifying in court. However, the workers’ compensation claim itself can take some time to resolve, and there is probably no need for the injured worker to show up with the lawyer. It is important, though, that the lawyer keeps in touch with you, helps you through the process, and keeps you informed of things. If there’s anything that we can do to help you through this time, if you’ve been injured at work, or whether you have any questions regarding personal injury claims because you’ve been injured in an accident, feel free to reach us here at Callagy Law. We’ll be happy to help you. We’re open for free consultations.

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