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Quick thought: What are you thankful for in your life? For a moment, close your eyes, see it, make it large, colorful and moving. Feel the feelings of gratitude you have for this person, place, thing, opportunity or whatever it is, in your life.


Do this for 60 seconds.


This is one of just so many ways we can rapidly shift ourselves into a more resourceful, less stressed, more happy and joyful, and if relevant, more productive place.


If this sounds cheesy to you, then ask this question to that part of you: what is more cheesy and foolish, feeling overly stressed, angry, frustrated, defeated or overwhelmed by things we are capable o feeling differently and better about OR simply employing techniques to feel better?


A quick example of this is how most people feel on Monday mornings, albeit it’s a Tuesday. Most people “make it through” the week. I used to feel that way too. Then, one day, I realized that I was wishing 5 out of 7 days of my life away. Who wants to do that?????!!!!!!! It was a life changing moment.


Tomorrow’s article will discuss how different reality is for people than reality actually is.


To answer today’s question though, the first missing step for the achievement of our dreams for most people is……..THE FAILURE to have WRITTEN GOALS!


It amazes me the number of people that fail to have written goals. It also amazes me to see the amazing power that having written goals has.


So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create written goals for every area of your life. This includes: family, financial, spiritual, health, fitness, relationship, career, joy, adventure, skill development and any other areas in which you desire something in your life.


Even if you set goals, here is a quick example of a possible way you haven’t taken advantage of goal settings amazing power:



Family: help my daughter walk onto the soccer field feeling 10 feet tall and possessing a complete and perfect level 10 of confidence by November 15, 2015.


We will discuss the nuances of goal setting and goal attainment in future articles and programs. Simply writing your goals down in all of these areas, with numbers, and time sensitivity, is the first essential step!


Take up your life’s mission, write your goals down, feel gratitude and have an amazing day because you, like everyone, deserve it!!!!!!!!!


In your service,


Sean Callagy


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