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Good morning and welcome to the week of October 26, 2015!!!!

Do you love Monday morning? Living in the northeast, in the great state of New Jersey, it is still dark at 5:45a.m. as I write today’s thoughts and messages and before shooting today’s Why Not video.

It was a challenging weekend in the world of blessed people’s problems.


Blessed people’s challenges are challenges that we are blessed to even experience in the first place, or to feel challenged by in the second place.

This weekend I had a big weekend of youth sports with my children. I run a club baseball team and my daughters play club soccer, which all means a lot of traveling and intensity during the games.

We lost a tough quarterfinal baseball game and soccer went okay, but it had its own challenges for the kids

AND, the Jets lost to the dreaded Patriots.

AND, spoiler alert for all of those Walking Dead Fans out there. Skip this paragraph if you haven’t watched the episode from last night yet……………..okay, well, it appears as those Glenn, maybe the most beloved character on the show, and certainly one of the characters believed to be “un-killable” died last night. It was the most shocking and heart breaking moment on the show yet. However, I hold out hope that he isn’t dead. We’ll see….

All of that factors into, as silly as it may sound, a bit of a down and flat Monday morning wake up. Add to it the fact that I ate too much sugar for the past few days and have missed working out for 4 days. What does that all add up to?  A morning of compromised state management where I am not at my best, most confident, most powerful, strong and ready to live a life on purpose and to be the leader of my 100 person Callagy Law Firm that I need to be.

What to do?!

Why do I share all this? Am I a narcissist reality show “wanna-be” celebrity blogger? I certainly hope not.

I share it because it’s life. We all have challenges. We all have things, big and small, which have the capacity to impact our daily joy, actions and results.


So what you say?

Here is the so what: our feelings dictate our thoughts. Our thoughts produce our actions. Our actions produce our daily results. Our daily results produce our destiny.


Our lives today, on every area, are nothing more than the sum total of our daily results, which stem from our daily actions, thoughts and feelings.


How are you doing today? Are you feeling powerful, ready to take massive zone action? Are you on track for the destiny of your heart and soul’s desire?


If you are, then congratulations!!!!! You are living in rarified and special air.


If you are feeling “okay”, “normal”, “average” or less than that, (e.g., sad, tired, frustrated, bummed, etc..), then you are living in the vast majority of the population.


I Am also here to help shift that with you, NOT FOR YOU.



With all of that said, what is the answer to our daily message question: why do I no longer hate our Callagy Law Facebook Page?


Well, first of all, I don’t believe in “hating” anything. I don’t believe that giving that much negative energy to anything helps us, no matter what.


Second, I really didn’t like our Callagy Law Facebook page because it was just “okay”. Each day we put up some information that I didn’t choose to send out to people. Some days we sent out a lot of content. Frankly, I don’t think it was very good, special or helpful. Maybe it was even annoying.


So, I decided to make a massive change to our Facebook page and MY LIFE.


I decided to truly help those people who believe in what I believe. Folks that want more, who actually do want to “suck the marrow out of life”.


This is for people, from executives of Fortune 100 companies to teens in school to moms and dads raising their children full time.


We will be here together everyday to support one another in living amazing lives “on purpose”. To creating our best daily feelings, thoughts and actions to create OUR amazing destines.


This is a place for people who desire more joy, passion, freedom, time, fulfillment, money, energy or whatever. Those are big words with very special meaning that can be easily misinterpreted. We will talk about all of it over the course of our days together.


Life is not perfect, but it can and should be perfectly amazing. It is within our power through our minds and bodies that we can make it so.


Practically, to accomplish all of this, I am going to do 4 things each day:


  1. Post a daily Why Not video that will help people learn the ultimate process for producing their best lives possible;


  1. Post a daily written message for those who prefer to read or supplement the video with a bit more information:



  1. Post a daily video: “Ask Sean Callagy” to respond to legal questions and discuss issues of the law for those that are interested;


  1. Have our firm produce daily write ups on interesting and helpful points about the law.


This is a massive undertaking. I am also proud to say, I am also giving massive value to people from the past 30 years I’ve spent acquiring knowledge in these areas through spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and pouring in thousands of hours of reading, listening, attending and studying.


What’s the catch? NONE.


All I ask is a small, very small, favor: please share the content and spread the word to others on social media or through text or e-mail.


I want to create a movement of people seizing the day and a community of folks who believe in living extraordinary lives that are full of belief and passion, as opposed to negativity and cynicism.


It takes very little to identify problems. It takes a lot to solve problems and live with passion.


So, I am now very happy with, and proud of, our Callagy Law Facebook Page where our daily links will be posted. Please share it and ask others to “like” the page, that’s all I ask.


Other people charge thousands of dollars for content that will be inferior to what you will receive here for free!


Thanks for reading, watch today’s video and say “Why Not!”


In your Service,


Sean Callagy


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