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5 Mendy R. via 

Love the people and beautiful place!


5 Tamara Behan via

One of the most helpful and considerate experiences and I have spoken to too many attorneys 😉 the best!!


5 John Mozingo via

Attorney Hala Jaloudi and Paralegal Inessa Goldman are professional, attentive, and honest. If you ever have a need for a lawyer, I would HIGHLY recommend them. I am very happy with the result!


5 Luis Rodriguez via

I was recommended to come to Callagy Law from a family friend after a terrible elbow accident. Throughout the whole year process Hala and Inessa were there for me for everything I needed. From doctors appointment, to questions- they were there for my every need. Hala was also always a phone call away which was so reassuring. I never felt as if I was alone or in the dark about anything going on with my case. They also have a great team and so experienced. I was so happy after we were settling, because we settled for more money then I could of imagined. I would recommend Callagy Law to anyone who needs a lawyer, especially Hala!


5 Paul Treanor via 

I worked with Jessica Shapiro and Robert Solomon. I felt I received excellent service trying to navigate through the the legal issues I was experiencing. They were very available and responsive.


5 Scott Benedon via 

I hired Callagy law about 3 years ago to represent me in a law suit against a former partner who defrauded me . All I can say is I am more than satisfied with the representation that was given me from The law firm , especially with my two lead lawyers Michael Smikun and Robert Solomon. They each brought something different to the table but together they were a power house . The deposition that took place with my ex partner was a scene like no other . Michael destroyed him under questioning to the point where he walked out on the middle because he couldn’t take the pressure . He admitted to fraud and we came to a judgment awarded to me because of the representation that i received and the constant pressure put on him and him realized he was backed into a corner . The litigation is still on going and we are now in the recovery stage . The price for representation is par to what you would expect from a top notch law firm but they had given me a very fair contract with certain advantageous price points based on my unique situation. I would highly recommend Callagy Law to anyone who wants an honest , fair and hard working law firm and lawyers who will always be in your corner from the beginning through the end .


5 Seth Leibsohn via 

The attorneys at Callagy were amazingly great. Caring, and surgical in knowing every part of my case, beyond expectation. You want tough, fair, just, and results, you want Callagy. Michael Smikun and Brian Williamson and their team helped to bring me massive certainty in a highly uncertain situation.


5 Brian Williamson via 


5 Israel Alonso via 



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5 Iliass Taleb via 

Good loyer and good team Hala and inessa


5 Nushrat Berry via 

Awesome team amazing people to work with very easy made everything so smoothly I think the team and Hala Jaloudi she did a great job verbally contacting me and getting back to me really quickly she was on top of her work and did not slack at all honestly I would love to keep coming back.


5 Ary Nunez via 

Hala Jaloudi at Callagy Law is the best attorney. She is kind, she is thoughtful, super intelligent, confident, clear, and exceeds in reliability. I was in a really tough position with the worst representation and I needed a superhero to help me help myself. Hala Jaloudi and her incredible team made the legal magic happen and clearly communicated every step of the way in Layman terms so that I understood everything. Thank you so much for a successful and truly pain free experience. I am so happy! If you are looking for a great attorney, look no more! Hala Jaloudi is the real deal! You deserve the best! In great health, Ary Nuñez | ModernDayNinja ArysAmerica


5 Tom Ferraro via 

My daughter and I were involved in a car accident. Hala Jaloudi, ESQ. represented us during the case. She is truly professional, confident and knowledgeable as well a very nice person. I would highly recommend Hala to represent you in a Personal Injury case., Hala’s team is also very friendly and responsive. They kept us well informed during our cases from beginning to end. I also would like to mention that the results truly exceeded our expectations. Thank you to Hala and her team for the amazing work you did for Amy and I.


5 Victoria Geykhman via 

I worked with this law firm for a few years and they were helpful, professional, and accommodating. Hala Jaloudi was wonderful, explained matters very clearly, and was easy to contact throughout the process. Would recommend.


5 Andrea A. via 

Definitely would recommend! Hala Jaloudi was super informative, responsive, attentive at all times & always went above and beyond. Ensured all my questions and concerns were a top priority and were always answered. She also has a very welcoming team behind her which made my experience and process a lot more easy going and comfortable for myself.


5 Victoria Ambartsoumian via 

I am very happy and blessed with the service I received from Callagy Law. Highly recommend!!


5 Oleksiy Volkov via 

I had fantastic experience with Hala Jaloudi and her highly professional team of paralegals (Stephanie). They worked with me every step of the way and fought the good fight to ensure fair resolution of the case. I am thankful to Hala and would highly recommend her to anybody who needs a good attorney.


5 SCR311 via 

Great experience.. through… quick, responsive.. Hala Jaloudi was amazing every step of the way. Kept a clear line of open communication. Answered all my questions.. no matter how little or big they were. Explained everything and walked me through everything. They were incredible. Extremely satisfied and grateful for having her on my side.


5 Diana Zheludkova via

The most organized and responsible team! Medical providers! If your files are underpaid and you are still unsatisfied with your arbitration attorney, then you should choose this team. You will not regret! I am their client for 5 years and do not cease to admire their diligence and responsibility for the work they do. For our hospital they do arbitration for PIP and worker compensation cases. The work done is much better than was done by other attorneys I worked with. If you choose Callagy Law you will be surprised by the result! In my opinion, they are the best! I will say more, they are just Amazing People!!!


5 Kristin Callaway-Kelly via

Well done let’s keep it going!


5 George B via

We have benefited in numerous ways in our relationship with Callagy Law. Firstly we have an advisor Christine that comes to our office and reviews outstanding bills for our PI patients. She is so professional and has recovered significant payments that insurance companies have “overlooked”. This in itself is valuable, but in addition Sean Callagy offers a self mastery motivational program at no charge to doctors. This is an amazing series of seminars and webinars that help doctors to relate on a higher level with patients and basically everyone. Sean is a very successful attorney that sincerely wants to give back to the profession. The whole Callagy team goes above and beyond what you would expect and I highly recommend using their services.


5 Greg Thomas via

The best there is!


5 Angie Stiritz via

 I just started using Callagy Law. So far Ms. Inessa Goldman was always available, nice and reachable every time I need lawyer H.Jaloudi .Ms. Goldman knows what she doing and very helpful.


5 Roy Voorhees via 

I am the father of a disabled daughter and was in immediate need of expert legal advise. Fortunately my initial phone call was answered by Michael J. Smikun, Esq. Michael was extremely compassionate and understanding of my situation. He offered me such good advise easing my present dire position. It was quite apparent Michael was not only a very astute attorney but also an impeccable person. Michael worked along with Robert Solomon and quickly resolved our daughter’s case. Robert Solomon was such a pleasure to work with and kept us informed all along the way. I cannot give enough praise to this law firm and am very grateful for what they did for my family.


5 Sean Isaacs via

Sean Callagy and his team at Callagy Law are the most effective, efficient and empathetic group of legal advisors that I have come across. If you are looking for legal advice, I would recommend Sean and his team above any other firm that I have had the pleasure of working for or with. If I needed assistance today in one of their areas of expertise, I would not hesitate to give Sean Callagy a call!


5 Anonymous via 

Superb family law attorney!

Brian is undoubtedly one of the best local attorneys in his field. He is well known and highly respected by the family judges and the opposing attorneys in the area. Brian has been passionate about my case and has protected the best interests of my children for several years. I highly recommend him to anyone that may be facing an aggressive spouse.


5 Adam H Hamawy via

Sean Callagy is more than just an attorney. A counselor in the true sense of the word. Sitting with Sean and Tom you feel that they are genuinely trying to help you. Truly exceptional service.


5 Amir Kopman via

Amazing service and fallow up!! Thank you so much Inessa and Hala really made me feel comfortable and safe having you and the Callagy Law Team represent me Thank you.


5 Mira Chahine via

I have nothing but amazing things to say about my attorney, Hala Jaloudi.. she has been so easy to work with while being extremely professional/knowledgeable. I had never been involved in a lawsuit and I was a bit nervous but Hala has been sensitive to my needs as a client and has guided me step by step throughout my entire lawsuit. Thank you Hala and Callagy Law for making this difficult time less difficult!


5 Laura Bishop Lefelar via

The first thing that struck me about Brian McCann was this: he listened. His wisdom, expertise, and professionalism was evident. I knew I was in good hands. He made a difficult process easier and proceeded in a timely fashion. He is a collaborator and not litigious… unless you want to be! Brian is also easy-going and amicable. I was confident in his work. I highly recommend this attorney.


5 Annie Marini via 

Hala Jaloudi is an honest and trustworthy lawyer. She managed to make a very stressful time for us so much easier. She is efficient, helpful, and so responsive. In addition she is an extremely competent and knowledgeable lawyer. We really felt taken care of. If you need a lawyer, look no further.


5 Besan Jumhour via 

Hala Jaloudi! She’s very responsive, best lawyer she settled my case alot more than I expected, if you’re looking for an awesome lawyer she is definitely the one!! Also her staff is amazing especially Inessa 🙂


5 Julie Peters via

I can’t say enough about my attorney, Brian McCann. He is extremely sensitive to his clients needs and concerns. In this field that is so important as emotions tend to run high. I had no doubts recommending him to friends who were extremely satisfied with his work ethic and compassionate nature. And he gets results in a fair and professional manner. Even after my divorce was completed, he is still, to this day, always there for me if I need advice, no questions asked. I can not recommend him highly enough!


5 Arshak Garnik Nalbandyan via 

Hala and Inessa are quick and very professional. Highly recommended.


5 Maria Montaone Polillo via

Excellent firm! They have always been successful in our PIP arbitrations. Christine Piccirillo is efficient, courteous and helpful.


5 Johnnie Mozingo via 

Attorney Hala Jaloudi and Paralegal Inessa Goldman at Callagy Law PC are professional, honest, and attenive. I would highly recommended them. I am very happy with the results!


5 Rostami Associates via 

Hala Jaloudi is the best! She is truly amazing in fighting for your rights effectively and urgently. She was able to expedite my case five folds. When something happens to you In an accident that negatively effects your life, mentally and physically, the last two things you need are a delayed process or getting less that you deserve, if you want to avoid theses things come see her, I’m glad I did!!


5 Halah Metri via

Brian McCann is my divorce attorney. He has delivered on every promise. He has been my rock through all the crazy, with his calm demeanor and realistic advice, I couldn’t imagine going through all that with out his help. Brian McCann, was understanding, defusing, and ALWAYS there for me until this day he still assists me with after divorce matters.
Never left my side. He is someone you can count on. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone in need.


5 Matt via 


Sean has been a friend and My employer for many years. He is full of integrity and compassion for his clients and employees. He will always seek the truth and justice, no matter what the odds say .He treats everyone with respect .Truly a caring man.When I needed a small matter resolved he treated it like it was a federal case !


5 Sean via 

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sean R. Callagy of Callagy Law for more than a year now. He is one of the most knowledgeable, caring and informative persons I know. Recently I received a law suit from one of my vendors requiring me to appear in court, early 2015. After a 10 minute phone call with Mr. Callagy, I knew what to do to avoid the court appearance and how to communicate with the plantiff’s attorney. I highly recommend Sean R. Callagy and the law firm of Callagy Law in Paramus, Nj.


5 Barbara Wertheim via 

Sean Callagy and the Team at Callagy Law are second to none! If you have a problem they will help you with service you will receive nowhere else. Callagy law truly cares about their clients and about each other.


5 Dr. A. R. Scopelliti via 

Would not hesitate to recommend. We have been using him professionally for over ten years and our practice is located more than an hour away.


5 Scott via 

Best law firm I’ve ever had represent me.

The Callagy law firm has represented me since 2011. I can’t say enough about the team at the firm notably Sean Callagy, Michael Smikun and Matt Major. They have helped me in complex civil litigation and collection matters. I don’t know where I’d be without them. Thanks to everyone at the Callagy law firm!!


5 Chris Morse via 

This law firm really will change the way you feel about lawyers. You won’t find better representation anywhere else and the caring, urgency, and aggression are absolutely unmatched. You do not want another firm in your corner. You want this one.


5 Robert via 

Non-profit Corporate Company Construction

wanted to form a new corporation that focused on Veteran affairs. Callagy Law took a distinctive and engaging approach to helping me with this. They were every proactive in explaining how the company structure should be setup, setting the by-laws, and even helping the company conduct its first board meeting and proper documentation. They took a real interest in my goals and worked very proactively to ensure i was comfortable. Highly Highly recommend Callagy Law, specifically working with Sean Callagy changed my opinion of lawyers.


5 Dee via 

Awesome Lawyer

I want to say Attorney Brian McCann and his staff are awesome. I was hesitant to let him take my case because of the long distance. I started looking online for attorneys and spoke to many. What made Brian unique was the time he took with me on the phone he was not rushing me to get to the point of the case he let me say everything I wanted to say, other lawyers just did not want to hear everything they wanted just the reason of me calling them. I am in a different state but he heard me out without hesitation he started working on my case and within a week and a half case closed. I would recommend him to anyone he was on top of everything and takes the time to thoroughly listen to you.


5 Anonymous via 

When you need to win!

Brian’s law firm took the finest care of my case. I was floundering for 3 years with another attorney until I was recommended to Cavalli and McCann. From day one, Brian demonstrated competence and a sincere thoughtfulness that allowed me to focus on what was necessary and not stress out over what wasn’t. There were a lot of factors in my case and I stood to lose everything. I lost nothing!! His legal knowledge, practical common sense and understanding of the court and the players really paid off.


5 Ellon via 

I’m very appreciative of the time I spent with Sean discussing the legal issues I had with my business partner. He gave me honest advice that, unlike other lawyers I’ve worked with in the past, didn’t lead me to the court room or arbitration. He gave me advice that ultimately led to resolving our issues without any courts or lawyers and didn’t cost us any money. Sean could’ve easily “guided” me towards litigation but instead looked out for my best interest (instead of his own). I highly recommend Callagy Law!!!


5 Anonymous via 

Highly recommended

I have little experience with legal matters, specifically court proceedings. I was involved in a family legal matter and contacted Mr. Cavalli for advice. He took the time to hear my situation and made me feel comfortable and respected. He returned my inquiries in a timely manner and gave me sound advice, even managing to point out something I had overlooked. I highly recommend Mr. Cavalli.


5 Jerry Levine via 

Extraordinarily pleased with Ms. Sarah Goldenthal, Esq., of the firm. Very responsive and very well-informed. Fantastic attorney and very supportive.


5 Lucy Rivera via 

Halal Jaloudi represented me when I was involved in a care accident. I have to say that her services are wonderful and the staff was awesome. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing an attorney.


5 Lakisha Sconiers Illa via 

had the pleasure having Hala Jaloudi representing me in my car accident case. Hala was very caring and compassionate with all my concerns I had throughout my case. Hala is very detailed, she took her time, she also made me feel she just didn’t take my case just to get paid.  Hala & Inessa I thank you both for all your hard work and dedication. If anyone looking for a good lawyer reach out to Hala Jaloudi.


5 Merlyn G. via 

Hala Jaloudi was an amazing attorney. She did amazing job with my father’s case and we were all very happy with the outcome. Definitely recommend!


5 Frank West via 

A letter of appreciation

To whom it may concern my name is Frank West I am a client of Sarah Sarah Goldenthal I am writing in Regards to her professionalism and the work she has done representing me was beyond exceptional she is a top shelf attorney and I could never thank her enough I would highly recommend her to anybody again I could never thank her enough.


5 Anonymous via 

Excellent Attorney

Sarah drafted and reviewed pre-martial documents for me. She answered all my questions, walked me through all the documents, and made sure I was informed of all my options/rights. Highly recommend. This review is from a person who hired this attorney.


5 Anonymous via 

Best attorney for the worst divorce ever!

I cannot say enough about Sarah Goldenthal. She helped me navigate a divorce that took over a year to complete. She remained professional, personable, and was always available to guide me through every strange and ridiculous turn of events. We were forced to file numerous motions, which were all successful. She helped recover marital assets dissipated including those from college funds, and used her skill and knowledge to negotiate the best possible outcome for my particular situation. She helped successfully avoid what would have been a long, down out trial. I never imagined that I would need the services of a divorce lawyer, but I’m so happy that I had Ms. Goldenthal to guide me through.


5 Lakisha Sconiers Illa via 

I googled lawyers in the area in 2018 from my car accident. I was a little nervous at first Inessa made me feel comfortable from beginning to end as well as the staff everyone was polite, courtesy and most important the communication was awesome. If anyone looking for a good lawyer with an amazing team look no further.


5 Hiram Barsky via 

Sarah has done an amazing job to help me with Custody

I have issues on and off with my ex for years . I first contacted Sarah and knew she would be the one to help me after our first consultation. She is amazing , thorough and willing to go to bat and hit a home run for you. I would recommend her to any and every one who has family issues that need to be resolved by such a caring Lawyer.


5 Anonymous via 

Sarah is beyond exceptional!

Custody, visitation, and child support cases can become incredibly emotional and messy as it was for me. My case was definitely not the easiest as it was literally lost in the system. However, once I met with Sarah I was able to see that things would be just fine. From our first consultation she immediately attempted to contact the court and straighten out the mess that my previous lawyer had made for me. Sarah was able to catch up on my case and move everything along as quickly as possible. Sarah is truly hard working, incredibly dedicated to her work, and proficient at what she does. She was very easy to work with as she was honest and thoroughly explained my legal rights. Sarah made sure that every decision was something I was comfortable with and would benefit my children and I. She is incredibly knowledgeable and gave my case the proper attention that it needed. Although it took a lot of back and forth, I am happy with the court order that was eventually agreed upon. Sarah will really fight for you and seek the best possible solution. I am protected in many ways with what she has written for me in our consent order because she included many details that truly make a difference. Honestly, I cannot see myself with better results or retaining any other lawyer. Sarah really treats your case with passion and never makes you feel as though you’re in the dark. I never had a hard time reaching her. Sarah was always responsive in a quick and timely manner. I have already recommended her to a friend who has received phenomenal results from Sarah’s work as well. I cannot thank Sarah enough for all the work she has put into my case. It has made things a lot better for my children and I. Sarah is beyond exceptional and you really cannot go wrong with her.


5 Drita via 

Need an attorney that is client oriented and will crack down ANY circumstance out there? Well look no further! Sarah is the ONE!

Sarah is a spectacular person let alone attorney. She is client oriented, really hears you out and will go above and beyond to help you get whatever it is your trying to settle with your ex. My circumstance was a bit complicated nevertheless Sarah did not hesitate to explore all options and provide extensive information on the ins and outs of what each route may take and have us end up with. She is extremely reliable and available, she is very prompt with responding back to messages and is detail oriented. I recall when I first had my consultation with her I knew she was going to put in every ounce of effort she had into my case as she picked up on some intricate details of our circumstance and elaborated on them while writing the order. She supported me in my decision making as well. As I mentioned, my case was a bit sticky as it involved dealing with an ex spouse that was very difficult with some underlying mental issues, preventing us from coming to an agreement without having the judicial system involved. That being said, my situation did not create any bias with my case nor did I feel as though it would have inhibit me from attaining the order I truly wanted. During our first court appearance Sarah demonstrated our case efficiently to the judge which permitted her to order a forensic psychologist to conduct an evaluation on both myself and ex spouse for the benefit of my son. Additionally, my son’s father tried to exempt himself from paying the evaluation so we ended up appearing for another trial only to find out from the judge that despite his income and reckless spending, he was still deemed 100% responsible for paying the psychologist for the evaluation! He was trying to avoid being evaluated as he was uncertain what the results would show. Turns out, there were some significant findings! Had it not been for Sarah’s persistence and resilient behavior and attitude, I don’t believe we would have stood a chance for having my rights granted. Furthermore, I was trying to file for sole custody which inevitably I personally did not want to pursue further with the whole court scenario, so we came to a mutual agreement during our last court appearance on January 26th 2017 to have joint custody, however the parenting times were very strict as I had initially requested. Sarah made sure I was going to leave the courtroom that day with supplemental pros from the agreement and I have to admit, even though I had to cave in for joint custody, the strict parenting guidelines we had established as well as the meticulous child support description really shed some light onto the whole situation. I walked out of that courtroom with a lot more regulations for my son’s father than what would have been if we had continued with court and the judge would have granted something totally different than what was anticipated. Because of Sarah’s great listening skills and putting her clients needs into perspective, I was able to get what I wanted from this case regardless if a negotiation had to be made from both parties. Sarah really knows her profession and she excels tremendously.


5 Luis Rodriguez via 

Found this law firm from a close family friend who told me about Callagy Law, and I have not been happier to move forward with them. My lawyer was Hala and she was incredible! I would recommend her over and over to whomever needs a lawyer. They were with me every step of the way and I called Hala for every question and she was only a phone call away! They made me feel so important and that my case and my injuries mattered! We also settled for more than double the amount that I had thought which was amazing! I would come back for anything that I need advice and help with


5 Mike Cruz via 

Halal Jaloudi was the most amazing attorney you could hire. Finally a attorney that gets the job done.


5 Monique via 

Miracles do happen

So when I reached out to Callagy law firm I was introduced to Sarah and she is beyond a joy to work with! She heard my family court case and was very confident in her ability to win my case which she did! As many know family law and grandparent visitation is very lengthy and tedious, nevertheless, she tackled the matter head on and highlighted several errors by the courts documents and proceeding. She gave me peace of mind and I was able to enjoy my time with my family while she did all the hard stuff. Anyone who has encountered the courts in Newark, NJ knows how ridiculous and impossible they can be. Therefore, having the confidence and savvy she had I never worried. She appeared for me and I didn’t have to show up and be aggravated by the adversary (she taught me that). My lawyer’s arguments were so powerful that the other party backed down and dropped the whole case which was a shock to me because the individual involved is very head strong and belligerent. Thank you a billion times Sarah and the Callagy Law Firm. Also, prices are affordable and they work with you regarding your personal circumstances.


5 Joe Salameh via 

Hala Jaloudi at Callagy Law is fantastic. She was very responsive to my inquiries and kept us informed throughout our complicated legal matter. Highly recommended!!


5 Sandy Margie via 

Outstanding attorney! I became acquainted with Hala Jaloudi at Callagy Law when I contacted her to take my fathers case.We met to discuss the extremely complicated issues in the case. I was very impressed with Ms.Jaloudi’s professionalism and ability to address all of our issues and concerns. The environment at Callagy firm was very friendly and professional. When ever I call the firm with any questions, Hala is always available to speak to. After knowing Ms.Jaloudi and working with her, I can honestly say, she is dedicated, passionate and committed. I consider myself very lucky to have Ms. Jaloudi and Callagy law on my side!!!


5 David via 

Pure motives, superior talent and the heart of a lion!

The storm clouds of life gathered one day in the form of a frivolous lawsuit. Upset, my prayers were answered when my pastor introduced me to Sean Callagy. Sean quickly assessed my situation and through his awesomely talented team of professionals, helped me crush the unwarranted attacks upon my character. Very satisfied, I continue to enjoy the leadership and skill of Sean and his team in my everyday life and business affairs. To say I highly recommend the Sean Callagy law firm would be an understatement!


5 Oksana Golab via 

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

It was so much pleasure to work with HALA JALOUDI, ESQ. and her paralegals. Hala is extremely professional, competent, confident and knowledgeable attorney and a very nice person. She is without doubt the BEST attorney to represent you in Personal Injury cases, who I highly recommend to all my friends and family. HALA JALOUDI, ESQ. and her team are very friendly and responsive. I was well informed of my case status from beginning to end and my result exceeded my expectation. Thank you Hala for the amazing work you have done for me.


5 Jennine Jaloudi via 

Hala and Inessa were wonderful throughout this whole process. They were professional, patient, and extremely thorough every step of the way. Hala knows exactly what she’s doing and is willing to fight for her clients– which is what makes her one of the best lawyers out there. THANK YOU!!!


5 Allen via 

Diligent Thorough Aggressive

Sarah did a great job getting the truth across in an effective enough way that the problem was resolved with a judgement that did not require any court appearances. Her response to the plaintiff was direct and aggressive while maintaining my position and relying on the facts. Thanks to Sarah I was able to continue receiving my alimony. She did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend her.


5 John C. via 

Chris Miller and his partners are the best lawyers you could ask for.


5 Deborah Chilelli-Boru via 

There are NO WORDS to EXPRESS what Mr. McCann did for my situation. He is the most dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful and kind attorney I have ever met. Believe me when I tell you that my particular case was legally ‘impossible’ to win but WE WON!!! Mr. McCann changed the course of my niece and now daughters life….and for that we are indebted to him! He is simply the you need not look any further!!


5 Alison via 

Poised, personable, prepared

I am so happy with my decision to have Sarah represent me in a family law case. She was efficient, capable and understanding. During a stressful time in my life, I felt like I could trust her completely. I would recommend her without hesitation.


5 Xiomara Torres via 

Family atmosphere. Any of the attorneys will take you by the hand through your situation and give you the best outcome for your case.


5 Robert Gill via 

Callagy Law firm is all about telling the truth and changing the conversations about who and what lawyers do. their excitement is contagious, the office DNA is something all companies should mirror, the commitment to winning ethically and morally is awesome to see as well as a breath of fresh air when it comes to protecting folks from bullies
Sean Callagy as a coach and mentor has built a practice whose momentum is unstoppable, unshakeable and EPiC.

5 James via 

100% Satisfied

Working with Sarah was great. As a Client of Sarah’s, not only did she take her time in explaining things, the RIGHT way, but made sure I understood and we developed an agreed upon approach. I spoke to quite a few lawyers. I felt comfortable from Day 1 with Sarah and Weinberger Law Group. I would not feel as comfortable as I do today and be in this situation if not for her representation, and dedication. I was not just another person walking through the door…the time was taken to understand the situation and take the appropriate actions, while still discussing all options and not being forced into a court.


5 Anny via 

Superior Service

Sarah was a very thorough, diligent professional with her clients best interest in mind. She was always available to take our calls and answer questions at any time. We hold a debt of gratitude for her service. I would highly recommend Sarah.


5 Diana Zheludkova via 

The most organized and responsible team! Medical providers!!!
If your files are underpaid and you are still unsatisfied with your arbitration attorney, then you should choose this team. You will not regret! I am their client for 5 years and do not cease to admire their diligence and responsibility for the work they do. For our hospital they do arbitration for PIP and worker compensation cases. The work done is much better than was done by other attorneys I worked with. If you choose Callagy Law you will be surprised by the result! In my opinion, they are the best! I will say more, they are just Amazing People!!!


5 Anonymous via 

Sara Goldenthal

Sarah Goldenthal handled my divorce case and was excellent. She was on top of every matter that occurred immediately and I would recommend and have recommended her to family and friends.

5 George Bennett via 

We have benefited in numerous ways in our relationship with Callagy Law. Firstly we have an advisor Christine that comes to our office and reviews outstanding bills for our PI patients. She is so professional and has recovered significant payments that insurance companies have “overlooked”. This in itself is valuable, but in addition Sean Callagy offers a self mastery motivational program at no charge to doctors. This is an amazing series of seminars and webinars that help doctors to relate on a higher level with patients and basically everyone. Sean is a very successful attorney that sincerely wants to give back to the profession. The whole Callagy team goes above and beyond what you would expect and I highly recommend using their services.


5 Felix de la Torre via 

A grateful client

I must say tg at from the start Ms. Goldenthal was professional and efficient. After speaking over phone , an appointment was set up. I brought some paperwork and explained my situation to Sarah. She informed me of what other papers she needed and we discussed our course of action. Soon after a phone call set our filing in motion. Efficiently a date was set, my ex was served and a hearing scheduled. I am very happy with the outcome and have no reservation in recommending Ms. Goldenthal to any person seeking council. A true and rare find in legal profession.


5 Michael via 

Divorce lawyer

I would highly recommend Sara Goldenthal to represent me or anybody in my family or friend Sara was not only professional but very understanding of my position I think Sara is the utmost professional and A very caring individual want to comes to her clients.

5 Eva Mojica via 

Hala A. Jaloudi is an amazing lawyer. She helped and met all of my needs. She is incredibly caring and understanding Everyone in the firm was also extremely professional and caring. This firm makes you feel like they really are on your side. Best experience by far.


5 Vincent via 

Great Job

Upon attaining Ms. Goldenthal, my case was in mid-air. She quickly assess, and challenged all the arguments, to insure we resolved, each argument.
Soon, my case was finalized, and I’m happy… Thank Ms. Goldenthal, for you have been a wonderful attorney to me on my be half.

5 Oksana Golab via 

It was so much pleasure to work with HALA JALOUDI, ESQ. and her paralegals. Hala is extremely professional, competent, confident and knowledgeable attorney and a very nice person. She is without doubt the BEST attorney to represent you in Personal Injury cases, who I highly recommend to all my friends and family. HALA JALOUDI, ESQ. and her team are very friendly and responsive. I was well informed of my case status from beginning to end and my result exceeded my expectation.
Thank you Hala for the amazing work you have done for me.


5 Michael via 


Just a few words that describe Sarah Dedicated , Caring ,Trustworthy and a %100 Profesional. I am very thankful that I was represented by Sarah , she has truly helped me and my family . Thanks Again


5 John via 

Child Support Case & 401K Distribution

Sarah N. Goldenthal has been very professional and helpful assisting me with my case of child support and ex-wife 401K distribution. When she took the 401K distribution case, the case was open for 4 years and it wasn’t going anywhere to be resolved, but, with Sarah’s dedication and expertise, the case was solved within a year. I am personally impress with her ability in finding solutions and quick ways to accomplish tasks such as child support calculations and going back to dates and make sure that I pay the right amounts. She never gives up easily, in many cases, she has gone to experience co-workers and discuss what is best for the case and have gotten back to me with the best solution. I see Sarah as a very successful attorney and she doesn’t give up easily. I am very bless in having her representing me and I highly recommend her for any challenging family case.


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Perfect people great law office


5 Alvin Andujar via 

I had gotten into a small incident and was very badly injured. A friend recommended me to the Callagy Law firm and it was the best suggestion ever. I’ve been working with Inessa Goldman on my case, and I feel very confident in her abilities. She’s very professional and helpful. If I have any questions, she is quick to respond and explain things in an easy to understand way. She’s always checking in to see how I’m doing and they really know how to make you feel like you matter. Her concern is very genuine, and for that, I am grateful to have picked Callagy Law.


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Extremely knowledgeable and amazing client advocate! Unique team approach. You don’t just receive one attorney, you get an entire team of attorneys! (Plus he’s incredibly great looking!-says my boyfriend)


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Would highly recommend. Great service have been using this company for many years. Our liaison Martiza is very sweet and very professional shes very helpful too .


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Great firm. Many areas of law are practiced. Friendly staff and energetic environment. Highly recommended.


5 Denise Ortega via 

I would recommend Callagy Law. Our company has seen a big increase in collections since using the company. Everyone there is very professional and will take time and work hard in order to get you paid


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The team at Callagy Law really cares about you as a person and client , listens to your concerns and are the best attorneys I have ever used !! 5 stars for sure! WOULD AND HAVE RECOMMENDED!


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Great Law firm , very friendly and helpful staff. They stand by my side with all their knowledge and experience , thank you.


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Sean and the team provide outstanding, attentive service and objective advice. I dealt with the Callagy Law team during an awful period, and they provided calm and measured guidance throughout the 2.5 year ordeal.


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Everyone was very professional but also sensitive and caring towards me during a difficult and trying time. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal counsel.


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I love that they are very knowledgeable and listen to your concerns. And help you every step of the way


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Dreaded going through the process but the family law department made it as painless as possible. Thanks!!


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Callagy Law has been a great help to our companies in collecting monies on no fault claims that have been under paid or dismissed by the carrier. Patrycja Stoj has been our liaison and she works hard to get the job done. I have worked with Callagy Law in two practices and it is obvious that their clients are important to them and come first. I would recommend their services to any others in the healthcare field.


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I would definitely recommend using Callagy Law as for your personal injury lawyer. Callagy Law had provided me an excellent services and put their excellent knowledge in solving my car accident case. I met paralegal Ms. Inessa Goldman from Callagy Law. She is very helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns. She return my call and email on time. She negotiated all my bills on my behalf and able to solve issues without a doubt. She is really very professional and made all my legal matters easy to understand. It was absolutely a pleasure working with lawyer Hala Jaloudi and Ms. Goldman. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.


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I retained Callagy Law after being unsatisfied with my previous Personal Injury attorney, and I couldn’t be happier with the service and help from the staff at Callagy Law. Their prompt help made major strides in my case and got me to a settlement I was happy with quickly. Their paralegals and attorneys were there to answer my calls and questions every step of the way. Could not be happier with the service I received from the firm.


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Definitely caring, urgent, and aggressive.


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