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Alabama – It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.

Colorado– It is illegal to mutilate or deface any rocks in recreation areas of the state.

California – It’s unlawful to let a dog pursue a bear or a bobcat.

Hawaii – It is illegal to ride in the back of a passenger car without a seatbelt but it is legal to ride in the bed of a pickup truck without safety equipment.

Michigan – Persons may not be drunk on trains. Unlike New York City, where it seems to be a requirement.

Tennessee – It is illegal to share your Netflix password.

Mississippi – A man may not seduce a woman by lying and claiming he will marry her.

New Hampshire – You cannot check into a hotel under a fake name.

Washington – Harassing Bigfoot is a felony.

West Virginia – Every act of public swearing can result in a one dollar fine

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