Mission Statement – Callagy Law Mission Statement 2017

Callagy Law, for our clients and our Team, exists to fundamentally change the way people feel about lawyers one client at a time. We do this through our consistent caring, urgency, and aggression. Callagy Law exists, for our Team and our clients, to fundamentally change the way people feel about their place of work, one employee at a time, through our commitment to constant and never ending growth, connection to our “Why’s”, and passion about our lives, each other and Callagy Law.

For our Team, we at Callagy Law exist to make one another’s lives better. We also exist to be an example of possibility for greater learning, growth, love, joy, passion, enthusiasm, fulfillment, wisdom, kindness, accountability, trust, integrity and every other genuine, sincere, and real higher vibrational thought, feeling and activity.

We believe these missions are achieved through constant and never-ending improvement, a curious and urgent search for .16 opportunities (tiny effort that yields huge return), and consistently celebrating and enjoying where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.

Callagy Law is not for everyone. We are an organization of people who genuinely believe in this mission statement. For those who don’t, we wish you well, but we do not want you as a part of our Callagy Law Team and Family.

We believe in knowing and using the Callagy Results Formula. We each know our personal ‘Why” and have it met through our relationships within and outside of Callagy Law. We refuse to allow the typical gossip, “third-partying” and cowardly covert and dishonest behaviors of some people interfere with our special world. We act legally, morally, ethically and demand the best out of ourselves and one another. We don’t mistake kindness and fun for weakness and being unproductive. We strive for the optimal balance between intensity and productivity, and the other wonderful elements of our lives. In short, we are committed to making Callagy Law the best place to spend our precious time, earning a living and developing our lives.


“Fundamentally changing the way people feel about lawyers, one client at a time.”

New Jersey Law Firm

Callagy Law, PC is a multidisciplinary law firm committed to providing legal representation and advice to our clients at our law offices located in New York and New Jersey and Arizona in the areas of Healthcare Recovery, Business Law, Commercial Litigation, and Family Law. To learn more about Callagy Law and what inspires us to fight for you, continue reading below.

The Callagy Law Story – Here’s Who We Are

Sean Callagy grew his law firm, since the time of its inception in 1999, by applying his unique methodology for achieving dramatic growth. After law school Sean Callagy joined a prominent New Jersey law firm and quickly decided that his dreams would be best achieved by owning his own firm. So, Sean Callagy, with very minimal financing, and within three years Callagy Law, formerly The Law Offices of Sean R. Callagy, became a multi-million dollar business that employs over 20 talented and experienced attorneys and over a 100 specialized, dedicated team members. Sean Callagy’s unique methodology for achieving dramatic growth has brought Callagy Law to a position of high regard and leadership among New Jersey law firms in the areas of Medical Revenue Recovery for healthcare providers, Commercial Litigation, Business and Transactional Law for business owners, and several individual law practice areas for individuals seeking legal advice.

Our Business, Healthcare and Individual Clients

Callagy Law’s Business and Commercial Litigation practice has earned a notable reputation in New Jersey and across the country for representing our client’s interests assertively, compassionately and successfully. Our broad experienced business and personal litigation team provides a full range of complex litigation services to our business, commercial, healthcare and individual clients. Our litigation services include mediation, arbitration, trials and appellate practice, pre-litigation counseling and negotiations, hearings and appeals. We practice within multiple states, within the federal court system and before regulatory bodies and administrative agencies. The hallmark of our litigation team is to pay close personal attention to each matter with a passionate, courageous and committed approach and attitude.

As one of New Jersey’s largest Healthcare Law and Healthcare Recovery firms, Callagy Law and our talented team of attorney’s represent 100’s of doctors, hospitals, surgical centers, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists in the PIP, Worker’s Compensation and Commercial Insurance arenas. Hospitals are the most under developed area when it comes to medical revenue recovery. Callagy Law’s Healthcare Law practice’s mission is to recover every dollar owed to every hospital, doctor, surgical center, surgeon, and healthcare provider in PIP, Commercial Insurance/Major Medical and Worker’s Compensation.