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Sean Callagy and Callagy Law Present BMC Session 4 First Quarter of 2014 is Over!! Did You Meet Or Exceed Your Goals? If You Did, Join Us and Keep Moving!! If not, you better get on board because the train is pulling out……….!! Me sharing a few thoughts about CBMC. Dear Callagy Business Mastery Club…

We enjoy  the process of creating a theme from its start to its end – from a sparkling design idea, to the very release..

CMSMasters Studio is a team of professionals. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience in the spheres of website design, wordpress development.

Gladwell’s Intuition and Due Diligence Continued Part II Due Diligence Begins With Your Mind Set As the Lawyer and Client: Do You Want to Believe or Are You Truly Searching for Truth? As I sat near the reception desk, waiting to meet with Scott Rothstein, Esq., a quasi-celebrity in South Florida’s legal and business community,…

Gladwell’s Intuition – Callagy Business Law NJ and Business Owners Malcolm Gladwell, in his work Blink, talks about the incredible importance of trusting our “intuition.” This, according to Gladwell, is not, however, a mystical force. Instead, it is a capability within all people. It can become incredibly highly tuned in a variety of ways for…

Sean Callagy of Callagy Law – Business Owner Blog Welcome to the Callagy Law Business Blog by Sean Callagy. Below is an introduction video to our Business Blog:

CBMC: Callagy Business Mastery Club Callagy Law, located in Paramus, NJ, hosts a monthly Business Mastery Club at no cost to business owners. Here is preview: Also, check out Sean Callagy’s article on the BMC here.