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Carrier Underpayments in PIP Claims | Callagy Law

Important Information Regarding Carrier Underpayments in Personal Injury Protection Claims The purpose of this post is to help assist healthcare providers and owners with questions they have concerning their business or relevant knowledge in the field. The Callagy Law team is knowledgeable in many law practice areas and will frequently post topics ranging from Medical […]Read More

Posted on 12-11-2015

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Why Not #6 – Why Not Say Goodbye to Motivation? October 29, 2015

Why Not Say Goodbye To Motivation? And Hello To Something Infinitely More Powerful? I had a game changing meeting with a friend of mine, Rey Rostami, the New Jersey Training Coordinator for AFLAC, yesterday. Rey has a tremendous life story, rising above some very challenging childhood years on the inner city streets of Los Angeles, […]Read More

Posted on 10-29-2015


Disclaimers and PIP Insurance Benefits

A PIP insurance policy will likely include language requiring the insured to cooperate with an investigation concerning a claim filed for injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident.  An insurer will have the right to seek information, but this right is not unfettered.  The principal case in this area is New Jersey Auto. Full Ins. […]Read More

Posted on 06-03-2015


Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson’s Tips for Success

Callagy Law’s Successful Entrepreneur of the Day: Here at Callagy Law, we love to hear success stories from entrepreneurs around the world. They all have things in common. Below you will find a list of things Sir Richard Branson does to be successful. Follow your dreams and just do it. Make a positive difference and […]Read More

Posted on 05-07-2015


The Fear of Technology

The fear of technology is not what people think it is.  Many think of it as fear of the unknown, or fear of the future, or the discomfort with deviating from what we have grown to know and get used to.  I disagree.  I believe the fear of technology amounts to the fear of losing […]Read More

Posted on 04-30-2015


Citizens United and Hypocrisies

I always find in interesting how our political parties feign outrage over developments that tend to benefit their opposition.  The latest case in point is the outcry from the left at the Supreme Court’s Citizens Uniteddecision.  Whether or not the outcry is justified is not the issue.  The outcry is from the political left, because […]Read More

Posted on 04-24-2015


The Multiple Modality Reduction (MMR) Formula: When It Applies

Someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, and they are treated in a hospital emergency room.  As part of the evaluation of the patient, an X-Ray of the patient’s lumbar spine (lower back area), an MRI of the brain, and a CAT-SCAN of the left leg are all performed.  The PIP carrier pays the […]Read More

Posted on 04-21-2015