Letters to the Editor.OpEd

Letters to the Editor.OpEd

I am embarrassed to admit that this revelation has come to me so late in life, but I finally get it.  The Academy Awards show, with its over-inflated sense of importance, does not merit the investment of my attention that it and its advertisers covet. Why?  Well, because I value the opinions of my fellow movie-goers who support the art form far more than those of industry insiders, especially when the disconnect is so dramatically apparent as it was Monday night.  How else does one explain the absurdity of a film that the public rewarded with $300 million of its hard earned dollars – dwarfing its nearest competitor – being relegated to “also-ran” status when all results were in.  Regardless of what one thought of American Sniper, it was a raging success everywhere but in its home town.  What’s wrong with this picture? Clearly, the film industry has a right to call it as they see it, whether driven by artistic or political considerations.  But when their opinion is so at variance with that of the public it solicits and from which it profits, it forfeits credibility along with a right to that public’s attention. I can only conclude that the Academy is either out of touch with, or has little regard (if not disdain) for the public on whom its survival depends.  So be it.  They don’t have to like what we like.  And we don’t have to tune in to their annual display of self-congratulating puffery. After all, it’s not exactly the People’s Choice Awards, is it?

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