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How Much Are Denied Claims Costing Providers?

Just how high is the cost of denied claims? A Change Healthcare study uncovered the staggering number: providers lose out on about $262 billion a year, and nine percent of claims are initially denied. Contesting and resubmitting claims costs approximately $118 per claim, which does not sound that high – until you multiply it by […]Read More

Posted on 05-26-2020

Medical Revenue Recovery

5 Ways to Improve Your Denial Management Process

Claim denials are an unfortunate reality in our healthcare system – and one that costs providers billions of dollars each year. A study, for example, found that of the $3 trillion in medical claims submitted by hospitals alone in the US, 9% of charges were denied initially. That amounts to a stunning $262 billion, and, […]Read More

Posted on 05-19-2020

Medical Revenue Recovery

Is Healthcare Underpayment Costing Your Practice?

In an ideal world, medical providers wouldn’t have to worry about becoming collections agents or chasing payment for services rendered. And they would not have to fight for reimbursement for costs and treatments incurred in the course of doing their duty. It is not an ideal world, and the reality is that healthcare underpayments can, […]Read More

Posted on 05-12-2020

Medical Revenue Recovery

8 Rules for Going Into Business with Friends

I’ve handled my share of business contract disputes between partners, and I’ve noticed that an alarming number of the litigants are former best friends – who ultimately each lawyered up against the other. The impulse to start a business with your friends is understandable. You trust them, and you probably conceived of the business idea […]Read More

Posted on 03-26-2020

Business Law Commercial Litigation

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medical Revenue Recovery Huddle

  Callagy Law invites you to attend its Medical Revenue Recovery Huddle Tuesday March 24, 2020 at 10 AM The aim of the Huddle is to provide our medical revenue recovery clients and non-clients with updates as to what is happening in the worlds of medical provider claim litigation and arbitration during these uncertain times. […]Read More

Posted on 03-20-2020

Coronavirus Updates Medical Revenue Recovery

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Family Law Team Update

To Our Family Law Clients: As the coronavirus situation continues to escalate and we all find ourselves in uncharted waters, we are reaching out to let you know that our firm is currently undertaking an urgent and proactive wide-ranging effort to identify and study the numerous pressing legal and business issues that many of you […]Read More

Posted on 03-20-2020

Coronavirus Updates Family Law

Can I Sue Over a Ruined Business Relationship?

You’ve worked hard on a business relationship that has proved profitable. One day, someone else comes along and ruins it for you – maybe they don’t like you, maybe they are jealous, maybe they have their own purpose and your ruined business relationship is simply collateral damage. What can you do about it? Tortious Interference […]Read More

Posted on 03-04-2020

Business Law Commercial Litigation

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