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Author: Brian Williamson

To Probate or Not to Probate, That is the Question: What is the Difference Between Wills and Trusts?

Tell me if this scene is familiar: after the death of an elderly loved one, the family mournfully gathers in a stately office with a roaring fire in the hearth backlighting the aged family attorney as he breaks the seal on an imposing will and declares who shall inherit the family fortune. How often has […]Read More

Posted on 04-29-2020

Estate Planning

What Do I Do If My Business Is About to Be Sued? Corporate Duties of Record Preservation

For a business owner who was just informed that that your company is about to be sued, your initial reaction was probably either, “Oh my God! What do I do now?” or “Well, I knew this was coming. Now what?” You may have noticed that the common thread here is, “what now?” What should–or must–a […]Read More

Posted on 04-17-2020

Business Law

Lease Agreements and Coronavirus: How to Postpone Rent in a Disaster

COVID-19 is still dominating the news cycle and most of the country has been shut down for several weeks. We have hit the point where many people haven’t been paid in some time and are trying to find ways to make ends meet. For those of you who are currently struggling to pay rent on […]Read More

Posted on 04-15-2020

Business Law Coronavirus Updates

Top Secret: Protecting Your Business’ Trade Secrets

Many businesses live and die based on their ability to protect the secrecy of their processes or methods, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Everyone knows that it is important to protect the “secret to your success.” But what is a trade secret? How do you protect it? Under Arizona law, a trade secret […]Read More

Posted on 04-14-2020

Business Law

The CARES Act: Paycheck Protection and Loan Forgiveness

No doubt you have heard about the recently enacted CARES Act, which Congress and President Trump have touted as the latest step in the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, there is a lot in this legislation that you need to know before you miss out […]Read More

Posted on 04-01-2020

Business Law Coronavirus Updates

How Do I Protect My Business with a Non-Compete Agreement?

If your business uses any kind of employment agreement for your employees or contractors, chances are that you need to protect your business from unfair competition by your employees after their employment with you ends. After all, you are putting a lot of time, money, and energy into training your people to properly represent you […]Read More

Posted on 03-06-2020

Business Law Commercial Litigation