Jackie Alfonso

Family Law


About Jackie

As a daughter of first generation Colombians, Jackie was born in New York and raised in New Jersey for most of her life. Her first language was Spanish and was raised in a bilingual household. At the young age of six, Jackie relocated with her family to Colombia. Although she had been to Colombia on numerous occasions before relocating, she had to learn a new culture, perfect her language and adjust to her new environment. Even though Jackie already spoke Spanish, she faced the difficulties of trying not to forget speaking, writing and reading in English and perfecting speaking Spanish while at the same time learning how to read and write in Spanish. Eventually Jackie and her family made their way back to New Jersey. She now realizes that while at that time things may have been difficult for her, it paved the way for her today. Jackie is now fluent in both English and Spanish and is able to adjust to her environments and excel in challenging situations.


  • Bergen Community College- Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies

Fun Facts About Me

  • Traveled to 20 countries and counting
  • Movie Buff
  • Fan of all things superhero
  • Loves Eeyore
  • Enjoys hiking

My Life At Callagy

I knew I wanted to excel in my career, so I jumped at the opportunity when I first heard about the position.

I am currently a family law paralegal. I assist the three family law attorneys along with my colleague to make sure things are running smoothly in our department.

This company is completely different than any other firm I’ve worked for. I’ve been a paralegal for over ten years in many different firms and I can truly say it feels like family here. It’s a pleasure having to come into work when it doesn’t feel like “work”, especially when I have the opportunity to work with attorneys who are highly respected in the family law community.

Callagy Law believes in personal growth as well as professional growth. You have the opportunity to excel in both aspects of your life. I haven’t encountered another place that does this.