David Salinas

Client Liaison


About David

Hello my name is David Salinas.  I was born and raised in Hudson County, New Jersey.  As a child we, my family, both parents, two siblings and I, moved around a lot, so we ended up going to school in basically every town in Hudson County. After moving around so much I ended up graduating high school from Union Hill High School. Right after high school I went directly to Montclair State University for my higher education.  After completing my Associates, some personal issues at home came up and I needed to take time off and go back home.  While working, at Apple Bees, one of the odd jobs during my sabbatical from school, I met my fiancé.  At this point in time we have been together for over 10 years, I know surprising someone could put up with me for so long.  5 years into our relationship we had a precious gift from god, our beautiful daughter, Aliya.  It is true what they say, your whole mindset in life and the world changes when you have a child.  She is my world and everything I do on a daily basis, I do having her in mind.  With that being said, every employment I have worked, I have done so with a great work ethic.  I know you always have to work smart and hard to move up and be rewarded for the efforts.   I do this to keep stability and not have to move around, for my daughter, like I use to as a child.  To make sure she is taken care of, always, and knows she can depend on me, never need for anything.


  • Associates in Accounting

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Work at HR Block during Tax Season

Fun Facts About Me

  • I played basketball for my high school team.
  • I am a geek at heart, any superhero, star wars, star trek, etc. movie I can re-watch a million times.

My Life At Callagy

I started working at Callagy Law on January 7, 2013.  Prior to starting here, I was driving trucks, delivering furniture.  I was always on the road, leaving home early and getting home late, working long hours.  The compensation was great but I was about to have a baby girl and needed to find a more stable employment that I know I will be able to be home at a decent time to help out in the house and spend time with my new family.  I received a phone call from my sister, Christina Salinas, who is also employed with Callagy Law, stating that she is working at a Law Firm with great atmosphere and a lot of opportunity to grow.  I admit I was skeptical about all the great things she was stating but asked her to refer me.  I was called into for an interview and with the interview alone I KNEW this was not a normal place to work at.  The atmosphere was great; the employees were so friendly and honestly looked genuinely happy to be here.  I was “interviewed” by Maureen Clarke, Sean Callagy’s mother, and she was such a sweet, nice and funny lady and we just had a normal conversation, it did not feel like an interview.  I hoped it was not all too good to be true because I needed this!  Two days later I received a phone that I can start immediately.  Unfortunately I could not start immediately, I needed to give my previous employer my two weeks’ notice but as luck struck, my fiancé went into labor mid week.  On December 29, 2012, my gorgeous daughter was born and a week later I was employed by Callagy Law.

At Callagy Law I am a Client Liaison for the Medical Recovery Department.  We build and maintain relationships with our current clients, Medical practices, while also building a client base for the firm.  Also, we identify and locate denials and underpayments Insurance Carriers have made to our clients.  We at Callagy Law do things very differently; we make sure our Clients do not have to concern themselves with any extra administrative work.  We go out to their Practices or facilities and gather all documentation needed to move forward with an Arbitration or Litigation case to get them the funds that is owed to them from the Carriers.

The atmosphere, the ideas and the expectations is what stays in each of the hearts of the employees here at Callagy Law.  As previously mentioned, the atmosphere at Callagy Law is contagious.  Everyone here is happy to be here and so friendly on a daily basis, starting from our Receptionist to the Attorneys.   The ideas and expectations is what keep me striving for more on a regular basis.   Sean has so much passion and confidence in us to push us to be better and better.  Not just better employees but better people.  He wants us to succeed in life, to be the best version of ourselves that we can strive to be.  All he wants is for us to be happy, genuinely happy.  There is no place I would rather be than with this company where the boss wants you to succeed as much as he does, and is willing to help you get to where your goals lead.