Brenn Alexander, Esq.

Associate Litigation Attorney


About Brenn

Born and raised in a small fishing village on the coast of Maine, Brenn fostered a love of the outdoors and a never-ending need for adventure, excitement and new experiences. She knew at a young age that she needed to step outside her comfort zone and take chances in order to find opportunities that adhered to these desires. Having an intense fear of “peaking” and an even greater fear of failure gave her the determination and drive to attend law school. Brenn knew that Law was something that would challenge her, give her opportunity for endless growth both personally and professionally, and allow the competitiveness that was instilled in her from a young age. Since day one of law school, the legal profession has created endless challenges that have shaped her into the person and lawyer she is today. The ability to advocate for her clients, promote justice and improve people’s lives has afforded Brenn the fulfilling, rewarding and exciting career that she always hoped for. Law has, and will continue to be, her greatest adventure.

Bar Admissions

  • New Jersey State
  • New Jersey District Court
  • New York State (pending)


  • Husson University – Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Occupational Therapy
  • University of Maine School of Law – Juris Doctor

Fun Facts About Me

  • Traveled to 18 countries
  • Fourth generation Yankee fan
  • Studied abroad in Scotland

My Life At Callagy

I knew I wanted to expand my professional experience outside of the state of Maine. During my job search I was introduced to Callagy Law and decided to apply after reading about their two 27+ million dollar jury verdicts, the firms overall mission and the exceptional work environment I could sense from that first phone call. I drove down from Maine having set up four interviews for myself in one day. I knew Callagy was my number one choice, so I made sure to schedule my interview with them the earliest in the day to ensure my availability. After four hours of meeting the team, learning the true uniqueness that is Callagy Law and running through the time for my other interviews, I was offered a position which I accepted on the spot.

I am currently an associate attorney in the Litigation Department where we primarily focus on business law, formation and contracts, partnership disputes, commercial litigation, employment discrimination, commercial fraud and all other litigation needs that our clients may have.

I have expanded my practice to include a diverse and dynamic blend of residential and commercial real estate transactions from contract to closing. Additionally, I practice a variety of comprehensive estate planning needs; including wills, trusts, durable power of attorney and other related documents.

The opportunity for both personal and professional development I’ve found at Callagy Law is unmatched. I have never worked at a company that truly cares about each and every employee’s growth and success in not only your role here, but in all other areas of life. The support, mentorship and training that I receive on a daily basis is truly something unique that you will only find at Callagy Law. The work environment is something I truly look forward to coming back to each day. Being a part of a team that is caring, urgent and aggressive for the greater good is something I’m truly proud of and I will forever be grateful for the immense opportunity that Callagy Law has afforded me.

Callagy Law is unlike anywhere I have ever worked, in all the best ways possible. As I said before, the support and mentorship I receive on a daily basis is something I know I wouldn’t find anywhere else. Feeling like you matter within your workplace is a feeling that emits to everything we do and makes us caring, urgent and aggressive advocates for every single one of our clients.

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