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Insurance Fraud

Any person who commits insurance fraud is considered someone who makes false or deceptive statements or is someone who omitted pertinent information that was provided by an insurance company. This can also include information that was given during or after an insurance application. This can include:

  • False information given on any affidavit or certification relating to any insurance transaction
  • Omitting or lying to an insurance company regarding a claim or the terms of a policy
  • Proving misleading or false information on an application or renewal of an application for an insurance policy

Insurance fraud is a serious matter. At Callagy Law, our attorneys have handled many complex insurance fraud cases. We know how serious an insurance fraud situation can be. Many carry prison sentences of 10 years or more. At Callagy Law we take every possible aggressive measure toward not just preventing, but minimizing the damages of such an indictment before it ever hits a court room. We are compassionate and empathetic to our client’s individual needs and understand how hard you have worked to build careers and lasting reputations.

Investor & Financial Fraud

Callagy Law provides investor & financial fraud services to individuals and businesses. If you or your business has been involved in any deceptive or fraudulent business practice that took place during a financial transaction you may be involved in financial or investor fraud. Financial Fraud can be done in many forms such as bank fraud, mortgage, credit card fraud, billing, trading, investment, accounting, consumer and securities, and it can affect you as an individual or as a company, organization or even a state.

Callagy Law represents individuals and businesses in New Jersey and throughout the country that have lost money due to the neglect and transgressions of others. With the influx and increase in technology there has been an increase in scams. And even the most seasoned investor or business person can fall prey to unethical financial practices and leave them as financial victims.

Callagy Law represents many types of investor & financial fraud including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Fraudulent transfer of business assets
  • Theft by employees, clients, trade secrets and patents
  • Predatory or fraudulent lending practices
  • Misuse of retirement, pension or other employee benefit funds
  • Falsification of financial statements, tax returns and other financial documents
  • Cooked Books and fraudulent accounting and bookkeeping practices
  • Security Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Securities
  • And so many more investor & financial fraud types…

If you are a business, institute or individual with a financial issue and have either been accused of committing a fraud or have been a victim of on, getting the help of a qualified experienced fraud attorney is crucial. Callagy Law is mindful, but also extremely experienced in handling these types of issues.

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