Regardless of the nature of your practice, Callagy Law has a great deal to offer you, across the gamut of medical

In PIP, Callagy Law represents physicians and surgeons in all disciplines—any doctor treating the victim of a motor vehicle accident is an ideal Callagy client. We represent hundreds of medical practices, ranging from chiropractors and physical therapist to spine and orthopedic surgeons.

In Workers Compensation, out-of-network surgeons and physicians benefit substantially from our efforts on an ongoing basis. These providers too often are paid below what is their usual and customary rates, and we are there to remedy that injustice.

In Commercial Insurance, Callagy Law’s approach to Commercial Insurance claims is not for everyone. But if you are a surgeon—brain, spine, thoracic, plastic, cardiac—performing complex surgeries on an out-of-network basis, we have an approach that will serve to maximize your recovery potential, while still making the pursuit of these claims worthwhile to the firm.

Recent Recoveries:

Callagy Law recovers nearly $30,000 for one of it surgeon providers on a PIP claim, amounting to a 100% recovery.  Congratulations to both.  Forthright NJ1402001544498.

Callagy Law recently obtained an Award in excess of $65,000 for one of its spine surgeon providers by successfully establishing the medical necessity of the procedure and supporting the UCR value of the relevant CPT codes.  A fulfilling victory for those defending the medical community.  See Forthright Award NJ 1506001622909.


* Results may vary depending upon particular facts and circumstances

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