• Callagy Law Banner - TO SEE WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT, CLICK HEREPIP Revenue for Callagy Law HospitalsAre you aware that for years auto insurance carriers were paying hospitals at fee schedule rates that had no application to hospitals and that they are no doubt continuing to do so?
  • Are you aware that you can successfully argue that the 2013 PIP Hospital Fee Schedule solely applies to outpatient surgeries, and almost all other instances of hospital motor-vehicle-related services are payable at usual and customary rates?
  • Are you aware that all of your motor vehicle Emergency Room claims are reimbursable at your billed charges, as long as they are usual, customary and reasonable, and are not subject to any PPO contract limiting your recovery. The same is true of your inpatient motor-vehicle-related claims.
  • Callagy Law recently received a PIP Award of $90,933 for one of its hospital clients.  This amounted to approximately 87% of the demanded amount.  Congratulations to Callagy and its hospital client.  See NJ1403001549771.
  • Callagy Law recovers in excess of $210,000 for two of its providers in PIP—nearly $80,000 for its spine surgeon client, and over $130,000 for the hospital where the procedure was conducted.  Hard work and a great outcome!  See NJ1404001555299 and NJ1412001592792
  • Callagy Law recently recovered a PIP arbitration Award of $169, 359 for one of its northern hospital providers.  This amounted to 100% of the demanded amount.  Congratulations to Callagy Law’s PIP team and its hospital client.  Forthright Award NJ1409001582600.
  • New Jersey Hospital is awarded more than $119,000 on a PIP claim, amounting to nearly 97% of the demanded amount.  Congratulations to the hospital and to Callagy Law on the Award.  Forthright, NJ1405001560654.
  • In two recent decisions, Callagy Law recovered in excess of $150,000 for one of its hospital providers.  One decision was for $77,029, amounting to 89% of the demanded amount.  The other was for $76,329, which was 100% of the demanded amount. Forthright Awards NJ1406001566864 and NJ1410001585751.
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