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When businesses dissolve, break up and foresee potential difficulties, the place to turn to is Callagy Law, PC, not only for our ability to gauge and evaluate what is best for your interests and the best interests of your clients and employees, but also for our experienced, skill set to formulate the best strategies and our expertise in the court room.

Business divorce and the closure of a business is often a litigious procedure, especially when there has not been previous agreements made in advance to guide the separation. Much too often privately held businesses do not have shareholder or partnership agreements in place, and without these agreements business divorces are inclined to be complicated for all parties involved. Only experienced business divorce attorneys could get you the desirable outcome you are seeking.

Our law firm, whether attempting to avoid litigation in your best interest or mediating on your behalf, spends substantial time and effort to move quickly and aggressively in negotiations and controlling the litigation process. Usually, a strong network of third party experts and accountants are called in to evaluate and analyze financial documents and other factors to ensure positive results while accommodating your needs.

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  1. March 23, 2017

    On the other hand, if the relationship between feuding co-owners is terminally ill but the business nonetheless remains viable, chances are one side eventually is going to buy out the other, which is where, in my opinion, mediation can be most effective in bringing about a resolution by focusing on valuation of the equity interest of the selling business owner.

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