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Our WHY Callagy Law

From Callagy Law Client Liaison, Christine Piccirillo: “On Sunday I was down the shore wearing my Callagy Law T-shirt and a gentleman approached me asking if he could take a picture of the back of my shirt. I stated of course but might I ask why and he said he has been behind me for a while on the boardwalk and kept reading it and it really made him believe that we are a firm that cares about their clients. And that if he ever had to have an attorney for anything or had to refer one we would be that firm. That he feels all attorneys aren’t always his favorite people, and that for the first time he thinks maybe not all are and that we just seem like one who truly cares of their clients. So it was pretty amazing to get that feedback from wearing the Callagy t-shirt.”

This is WHY Callagy Law exists.


“To fundamentally change the way people feel about lawyers, one client at a time.”

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