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Callagy Law Lions 2

Callagy Law Lions 2


What is commonly known, or at least commonly perceived, is that the lion – the “King of Beasts” or “King of the Jungle” – has no natural predators and therefore, knows no fear.  Without conscious awareness of concepts like confidence, pride, courage, power, or strength the lion nevertheless embodies all of those qualities.  And while it is a supremely effective killing machine when it needs to be, it takes no more than it needs and in fact is widely and positively depicted in popular culture as a creature that appears strong, but gentle at the same time.

Thus, it should perhaps come as no surprise that a law firm, whose very work requires that it confront a variety of contentious, ill-intended and often evil adversarial forces on a daily basis, and which has a responsibility to its clients to emerge a victor would select as the symbolic centerpiece to its identity the one creature that, were we to choose any such animal to defend us against others, would give us the best chance of survival.  The lion is Callagy Law, and Callagy Law is the lion.

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