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Callagy Law Pulled Over 3

This blog will be in three parts, because it is a story about three different strategies for dealing with being pulled over by the police.  It is also a story about three brothers and the differences in their attitudes.  These attitudinal differences could not be hidden under the pressures of being stopped, with a traffic ticket or tickets on the line.  Under such pressure, natural tendencies and inbred characteristics inevitably come to the surface.

The first brother presents a stark lesson in how not to react when stopped by the police.  This brother was the quintessential rebel.  He was thrown off most sports teams in high school for “mouthing off” to coaches.  He would readily confront any high school teacher who he believed was flirtatious with his girlfriend.  He was in trouble constantly for smoking in bathrooms.  When caught, his natural reaction was to call the authority every profanity he could think of and some he couldn’t.  When he would inevitably receive no sympathy from the authorities and would receive the maximum punishment available, he would get angry and could not understand why.  In fact, when others would get off easy—like his two brothers—for similar offenses, he would respond with even louder cries of defiance.

Needless to say, later in life, when stopped by the police, he resorted again to his natural tendency to confront.  “Officer, there was no way I was speeding.”  “This is bull$#!+.”  “Why don’t you go look for real criminals?”

Obviously, this is not the best approach to take with a police officer when pulled over.  Authority figures like to be treated as if they are authority figures.  Like it or not, when we are stopped by police, it is the policeman who is the authority figure, and he rightfully expects to be treated as such.  He might be wrong in stopping you; he might be right.  Whether he is right or wrong, he should be addressed as sir or officer, and should be spoken to as if he is the one in control.  After all, he is.

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