Logo 03 (2) Full ColorWe previously published the story behind the selection of a lion as the dominant image among several in the corporate identity, or “logo” of Callagy Law, and committed to providing the logo’s full back story (see part one here) by addressing the remaining elements of the firm’s identity, for each plays a part in representing what is a very different kind of law firm.


The lion, symbolic of pride, power, courage and strength, continues to serve as the  supremely confident central figure that emulates well the Callagy Law belief that all things are possible.  Supported by a foundational banner, the head of the lion is encased in three noteworthy elements: a wreath, circle, and crown.  Thus the lion is by no means alone in communicating to prospective clients the sum total of all qualities and intentions that Callagy Law represents.


The wreath is emblematic of life, growth, and victory, while the circle has long been used to denote such qualities as unity, completion, and everlasting love.  Both the wreath and circle can rightly be said to embody the relationship that the firm seeks to cultivate with each of the clients who turn to Callagy Law for help, fairness, and justice.


The nine stars on the banner, just like the nine players who comprise a baseball team –  a passion of Sean Callagy’s  –  represent the indispensable value of all on the Callagy Law team to a winning enterprise.


While the final element, the crown, has been commonly associated with royalty its relevance to Callagy Law’s corporate identity can be found in the word, “honor,” as monarchs were expected to conduct themselves, and represent their countrymen, according to the highest moral code for the betterment of all.


The interplay of all these elements give rise to our motto: Courageous, Compassionate, Committed.  In conjunction with the identity’s debut, Sean R. Callagy said, “We are a law firm of over one hundred dedicated people who want our clients to know, from the first moment of contact, that we will represent them with trustworthy excellence, tremendous faith in them and what we can achieve together, and at all times, integrity.  We believe we have captured that message in this new identity, which we are both proud and humbled to present.”


With offices in New Jersey and Arizona, Callagy Law can be contacted at 201-261-1700, or visited at Mack-Cali Centre II, 650 From Road, Suite 565, Paramus, NJ 07652.  For additional information, go to www.callagylaw.com.